135$ tax included for 90 minutes

Jin Shin Do® Acupressure

Every Jin Shin Do process starts with an evaluation of your state of health. It allows us to establish a relationship and also to clearly define your needs. Then, the acupressure treatment itself works on many levels to « take care » of your need of the moment; it balances your body as a whole, it relaxes your mind and it helps release the tensions. A session lasts 90 minutes in all; it gives you time to settle in and to really enjoy the experience deeply. In all cases, you will leave with a feeling of deep relaxation and grounding.

Receipts are available for insurance purposes – Massage therapy

70$ tax included for 60 minutes

Heart coherence

In order to prolong and amplify the effects of acupressure, I offer Heart Coherence coaching. Heart coherence is an ancient breathing practice which has been scientifically validated by the HeartMath® institute. On our first meeting, I explain the notions of cardiac variability and cardiac chaos. The use of a biofeedback software will allow me to demonstrate the impact of your breathing, on your physiological functions as a whole. You will discover how to lower your level of cortisol within 5 minutes of practice. On a short term basis, you feel calmer, more settled down, present and alert. On a long term basis, many benefits have been scientifically measured, namely with regards to stress response, mental clarity, chronic pain and weight control. 

For further information, you can consult Dr O’Hare’s site in Montreal : coherence info

25$ per person (or less) for 2 hours

Self-Acupressure Workshops

Group Workshops

You want to organize a workshop?

Please get in touch with me to organize a workshop in your work environment or your neighborhood.

Rate : 250$ for a group of 10 to 20 people. 

I want to organize a workshop

12$ per class (Online)

Qigong classes

Seasonal Qigong. Session of 8 classes.

Rate : 60$ / session or 12$ /class