Alain Paradis, experienced Jin Shin Do® Acupressure Therapist

I am committed to supporting you with a sympathetic ear and a caring presence.

My experience with business, travel, and all spheres of private and public life has taught me that the key to success depends on harmonious human relations. Therefore, my approach is, above all, based on deep listening and a caring presence. In order to reach that point, I had to travel the path of knowing myself better.

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Truth only exists in experience. 

– Gao Xingjian


20 years of experience at your service

I have experienced the ill effects of stress on my health, and my performance at work. I found tools and new and efficient solutions which enabled me to deal with those effects and solve them.

I am a Jin Shin Do® Foundation graduate and I am also accredited by the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes (FQM). My 20 years of experience with serving professionals who face similar challenges are at your service. I now split my time between clinical work and teaching.

My personal journey

The price of success

Following my higher studies, I first built my career as manager of international projects. This job had several advantages, however the working conditions became more and more difficult. The stress I experienced over the years resulted in many physical and psychological symptoms : tendinitis, acute back pain, irritable colon syndrome, thyroid problem, burnout.

As I searched for efficient ways to solve my health problems, I pursued personal development approaches. I became initiated to chinese medicine, body oriented practices such as Qigong, Heart Coherence, Acupuncture and Jin Shin Do® Acupressure. I also put into application everything I learned in my professional life; the results were tangible. I rose to the challenges, I overcame my own limits and the quality of my life improved. I even graduated from the Jin Shin Do® Foundation and received accreditation from the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes (FQM).

My personal journey

The joy of sharing

At the end of my career as a project manager, I reached a point where I felt great and full of energy at the end of the day. This was quite a feat, as my workload had greatly increased due to my involvement in different activities and training. It was at this point that I decided to share the fruit of my experience full time.

I now offer my expertise and care through consultations, workshops and conferences in private practice as well as in professional environments. Every day, I get to witness my clients’ transformations, how they move along on their path and how they improve the quality of their life. For this I am pleased and filled with gratitude.


Alain is an excellent therapist, rigorous and enthusiastic. He helped me support and balance my energy during a most difficult year. Acupressure is such a gentle, precise and efficient method! Thank you Alain.

Emmanuelle ClénéOsteopath

When I first consulted : I suffered from anxiety, fears, stiffness, stress, amenorrhea and insomnia. After treatment I felt relaxed, confident, and I experienced a new-found sense of security. My physical, mental and emotional bodies were balanced and harmonized. In short, I found myself, unlocking tensions and enjoying being at ease in a free healthy body. Jin Shin Do operates magic every time.

Maude LabontéPsychosocial Intervener

The first time I consulted for acupressure, I had been suffering from a sharp pain in my neck which had been radiating in my upper back and arm for several months. From the very first consultation, I felt this approach was beneficial. Not only did it relieve the pain, but I understood the tension points which settled in my body. I hardly suffer anymore, and I have decided to continue this therapy because it changes the way I do things and how I feel… for the better. Thank you, Alain.

Amina TrikiResearcher

Receiving Jin Shin Do treatments and working with Alain has been a transformational experience. After only a few months, I am experiencing shifts and improvements with respect to a health condition that has been with me for nearly a decade. He has helped me to identify that the quality and depth of my breathing was comprised due to many years of persistent pain. Alain also introduced me to coherence cardiaque - a rhythmic breathing practice that helps to balance the nervous system (amongst other benefits). I did not think that a breathing exercise could have such a significant impact on my health, but now I am hooked!

Marika TjebbesTeacher

My experience with Acupressure with Alain can be described as a joyous liberation. I had been suffering from fibromyalgia for many years and had trouble trusting my body. Although I had tried many approaches I never knew whether I could participate much less enjoy the opportunities life sent my way.

The acupressure sessions with Alain allowed me to feel better and better at every level, it even transformed how I face life, and more specifically its challenges - with grace and ease.

The healing process rarely happens overnight, but after each acupressure session I felt improvement, often stunning, and surpassing all my expectations as my results encompassed my well-being as a whole.

Arlette SauvéTranslator
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