Alain Paradis, Jin Shin Do® Acupressure Therapist

The benefits of acupuncture points and a powerful, relaxing therapeutic experience

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Jin Shin Do® Acupression

Acupressure is a comprehensive approach which takes the whole person into account.

It is practical, efficient and it provides improvements to your well-being from the first treatment.

In addition to relieving physical symptoms, JIN SHIN DO® Acupressure improves emotional and energetic well being. Your natural capacity to face challenges will also be enhanced.

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Tools that helped me overcome stress, anxiety and fatigue …

Over the past 25 years I overcame many personal and professional challenges in various fields, including music and computer science, in places such as New York and Kuala Lumpur.

During this time, I discovered tools that allowed me to overcome stress, anxiety, fatigue as well as acute physical pain. Moreover, I quickly overcame burnout.

Now I witness the wonderful efficiency of JIN SHIN DO® Acupressure on a daily basis as I observe the metamorphosis my clients experience in their personal, social and professional lives.

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Alain is a rigorous, enthusiastic, excellent therapist. He helped me support and balance my energy during a most difficult year. Acupressure is such a gentle, precise and efficient method! Thank you Alain.

Emmanuelle ClénéOsteopath

When I first consulted, I suffered from anxiety, fears, stiffness, stress, amenorrhea and insomnia. Following treatment I felt a newfound sense of relaxation, confidence, and security. My physical, mental and emotional bodies were balanced and harmonized…. In short, tensions were unlocked, I have found myself. Now I enjoy the ease of a free healthy body. JIN SHIN DO operates magic every time!

Maude LabontéPsychosocial intervener

The first time I consulted for acupressure, I had been suffering from a sharp pain in my neck which had been radiating in my upper back and arm for several months. From the very first consultation, I felt this approach was beneficial. Not only did it relieve the pain, but I better understood the tension points which settled in my body. I hardly suffer anymore and I have decided to continue this therapy because it changes the way I do things and how I feel… for the better! Thank you Alain.

Amina TrikiResearcher

Receiving Jin Shin Do treatments and working with Alain has been a transformational experience. After only a few months, I am experiencing shifts and improvements with respect to a health condition that has been with me for nearly a decade. He has helped me to identify that the quality and depth of my breathing was comprised due to many years of persistent pain. Alain also introduced me to coherence cardiaque - a rhythmic breathing practice that helps to balance the nervous system (amongst other benefits). I did not think that a breathing exercise could have such a significant impact on my health, but now I am hooked!

Marika TjebbesTeacher

My experience with Acupressure with Alain can be described as a joyous liberation. I had been suffering from fibromyalgia for many years and had trouble trusting my body. Although I had tried many approaches I never knew whether I could participate much less enjoy the opportunities life sent my way.

The acupressure sessions with Alain allowed me to feel better and better at every level, it even transformed how I face life, and more specifically its challenges - with grace and ease.

The healing process rarely happens overnight, but after each acupressure session I felt improvement, often stunning, and surpassing all my expectations as my results encompassed my well-being as a whole.

Arlette SauvéTranslator


I give Acupressure and Qigong Workshops, as well as conferences on Acupressure, heart coherence and stress on a regular basis.

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